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“Into The Blue”
Scholarship study tour of Japan

As part of her scholarship year as the Embroiderers’ Guild
Mature Scholar, Michelle toured Japan (May/June 2002)
researching traditional and contemporary shibori techniques.
This talk follows Michelle’s tour as she meets and works with
a variety of professional and amateur shibori artists.

Starting with the Shibori Symposium in San Francisco, her
tour culminates with a visit to the shibori festival in Arimatsu,
one of the main areas producing shibori in Japan.


“Deeper Into The Blue”
Study tour of Japan 2004

As a result of her scholarship tour of Japan Michelle was
invited to lead a multi-cultural children's shibori project and
exhibition to be featured as part of the Arimatsu Shibori
Festival 2004. This lecture follows the project as Michelle
works with 200 local school children between the ages of
4 and 11 years in order to produce shibori decorated indigo
dyed textiles. The lecture then reflects the work of highly
respected shibori artisan Hiroshi Murase as he works with
over 700 Japanese school children. Finally, it documents
the resulting installation in Arimatsu and features images
and film clips of the Arimatsu shibori artisans at work.
Contemporary Japanese shibori is also represented in this lecture.

“Shibori For Texture And Pattern”
Perceptions of Contemporary Shibori

This lecture reviews Michelle's own contemporary shibori work as well as featuring contemporary shibori
from many leading national and international artists. The definition of “shibori” is continually broadening
- Michelle looks at this definition from the point of view of the traditional purist in contrast to that of the
contemporary practitioner. The lecture is comprised of film clips in conjunction with projected images.

Please Note:-

Michelle provides her own data projector for the presentation of lectures.
Provision of a suitably darkened room is requested for all lectures.
Provision of a projector screen, extension cables, and a minimum of 3 large tables for display is requested for lectures.
Access to Michelle's extensive shibori collection of textiles and books is made available at all lectures.

The above lectures may be booked in conjunction with the Shibori for Texture, or Shibori for Pattern workshops.
For lecture fees and travel expenses please contact Michelle Griffiths michelle.l.griffiths@gmail.com